The Collegiate Coaching Program

It is a hall of knowledge unlike any to be produced with modern recording devices. Acclaimed by many to be the foremost authority of metaphysical knowledge and the largest library of esoteric teaching material in the world.

This body of work is generations ahead of its time and the proof is in the results you will get through the tools and ongoing personal guidance that we provide.

“Stand in the rain, and you’re going to get wet.”

Welcome to Collegiate: Total Immersion Training. In this program you will find yourself engaged in the most cutting-edge spiritual knowledge available. By the effort of simply absorbing this knowledge, you will find your connection to the Force, to the Universe, is strengthened… But we don’t stop there.

We believe that spiritual evolution is based on personal experience… Which is why each course includes techniques and methods for you to implement immediately.

Don’t settle for theory and knowledge alone… Be bold and put it to the test!

The Ultimate Support System

A coach is not only someone who is highly trained to pin-point exactly where you are and map out a plan of action to get you where you want to be, he or she also serves to help you stay accountable to keeping up with your growth.

By laying out an action plan and checking in regularly, you gain the leverage to build massive momentum. Breakthroughs happen. No matter where you are, whatever level you think you’re currently at, our instructors will work with you to rapidly blow past all barriers and achieve what you may have previously suspected to be, the unattainable. 

If you seek to consistently elevate your consciousness to ever greater heights, this program is were the rubber meets the road. 

A Custom Tailored Approach

If over 12 years and thousands of graduates from our programs have taught us anything, it’s that a personalized approach will always be the shortcut to success. Our track record is as bold as our words — experiences are what we’re known for. It is those experiences that become the markers, the check points along the journey to attaining full inner completion.

At Higher Balance we don’t adhere to the idea that everyone should fit into the same cookie-cutter mold. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your spiritual unfolding.

Each individual has unique talents, gifts and ways of interpreting the world. Working with a coach, we will discover what those gifts are together. We’ll then take specific action steps that are easy enough to implement, yet powerful in their effect. Following this approach, you will find deep fulfillment in the core of your Being and transformation will take place at a record setting pace. The kind of transformation I speak of is the undeniable kind. It is change at the deepest levels. It is prescience.

This is the dojo of the mind, and we’re just warming up. 

What you will get during your collegiate program membership:

  • Two personal coaching sessions per month via phone (Skype if international)
  • Personalized training based upon your goals and objectives
  • Specialized assignments that are both highly effective in developing your natural intuitive abilities and fun to do. i.e. Results! 
  • This program is the fastest path to direct experiences, mind bending breakthroughs and earth shattering revelations.
  • From spiritual healing and inner bliss, to explosive meditation experiences that transcend all previous understanding of the term “Meditation”.
  • Take in a profound amount of spiritual energy in short bursts that will systematically elevate your consciousness to your next big breakthrough.
  • Learn to see the matrix from the vantage point of outside looking in. See the program of reality and overwhelm yourself with wonder that will shatter your previous self imposed limitations. 

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone - Step Into The Arena of Living Anomolies

  • Have real, firsthand paranormal experiences – Turn the tables and debunk your inner doubting Thomas
  • Hone and master your natural psychic abilities – From scanning to telepathy to astral projection and beyond. 
  • Learn to go In-between – A naturally induced altered state of consciousness where limitations seem to vanish and the miraculous becomes possible. 
  • Manifest greater opportunities and position yourself at better odds of pursuing your spiritual passions. Don’t let your connection to the universe take a back seat to every day life.

Find The Balance Within

In this world, it can be difficult to find a common ground. Balancing your spirituality with the hustle and bustle of every day life can prove to be a challenge few have been able to maintain consistently. This is where having ongoing access to new material and a coach really comes into play. Every challenge you face, every struggle in life that doesn’t serve in the building up of your consciousness, is nipped in the bud before it has a chance to take root.

Inarguably, the most crucial element to success in the world of psychic and spiritual abilities is consistency and momentum. With consistency, one can reach to the stars and beyond.

Of course, as you no doubt know by this point, the game is not so simple. There is always that faceless adversary, what we call “the doe.” The elusive sparing partner in the game of life. The natural push back phenomena that can test us at any moment. Throwing curve balls and unforeseen challenges seemingly out of nowhere. The force of nature that seems to want you to be distracted by the mundane. Let’s flip that on it’s head.

Seek to see these challenges as necessities for your evolution. Without something challenging us, tempting us and pulling us in different directions, how are we expected to build up the strength and the stamina to maintain on our own? To hold our own in the noisy congestion of life, you must be tested and you must learn to find peace and inner balance amidst such noise. That is the key, it’s not always an easy task but with our guidance, we believe you will achieve that peace, that ability to calm the storm, and so much more that awaits. 

You will learn more in a shorter period time with an instructor under the guidance of Eric than without, guaranteed. 

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