"Magic Doesn't Just Happen, You Have To Make Magic Happen" - Eric Pepin

Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Construction of Existence - Manifestation

If you’re anything like most seekers, you have spent countless hours scouring the internet, flipping through shelves at your local bookstores in search of a manifestation method that works consistently. You’ve had enough real world experience to remove all doubt as to whether or not your thoughts and emotions have an outward effect on your reality.

You’ve tried numerous techniques… You’ve had some wins along the way but at the same time, there comes a point where you seem to always hit a wall. It’s almost as if the Universe has placed a cap on how much you’re able to manifest before everything around you seems to reset, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Even when your life improves on a smaller scale, the specific result you were seeking seems to almost always evade you.

The question is, what are you bumping up against? Could it be something more than just another limiting belief as all the gurus would have you believe? Could that itself be a limiting belief? Ironic as it may be, It is…

You know you are destined for more… Whether that be more money, more success, more influence, better health, stronger relationships… A true communication with the Universe.

So what is missing from your process?

In order to take control of your destiny and truly start constructing your existence, you must first understand how reality is programmed and what forces are working to prevent too much disruption in the overall scheme of things.

Then, you must approach the Universe in a way that acknowledges a relationship to it, rather than some abstract law of nature that’s indifferent to the outcomes of circumstance of which you’re trying to bring about.

You must cultivate an intimate relationship with the Force. Learn to feel its energy, absorb that energy and move in congruence with the will of the One.

You see, most people approach the Universe asking only what it can do for them. When in fact, everything in nature is made to be a give and take relationship. A two way street. Why should your relationship to the grand architect be any different?

By combining 6th sense development, with intensive prana absorption, you will learn to feel the flow of life. You’ll develop fluidity and in that process, you will begin to see transformation take place in your life at lightning speed.

Without even trying, by synching up with the pulse of the Universe, you will manifest so much faster than all the affirmations in the world could possibly allow for.

Don’t just talk at God, learn to listen…  Flow with that presence as it seeks to evolve itself through you. This in truth, is the real short cut to success.

For this and many other reasons, we created the Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Construction of Existence, Manifestation.

"You’re creating your frequency and that’s how the Universe is going to recognize you, by the vibration or frequency you emanate." –Eric Pepin

Within the multi-layered training and tools you’ll find in this comprehensive program, you’ll begin manifesting with ease, while activating your magnetic sixth sense and raising your overall tonal of energy.

You see, true manifestation is not about making more money. And its not about getting a better job or bigger house or faster car. Although you can use it for those purposes… You should use it to experience all that this life has to offer.

But as you do so, do not forget to also manifest for your spirituality, manifest profound experiences. Find out what else the Universe has to offer. Because as you learn to use your mind to manifest and build your reality, you are at the same time learning the language of the Universe and strengthening your connection to your inner Super Being.

When you try to get your physical life in order, also work on your spiritual life. That’s what will give you the permanent peace, the inner healing that medicine cannot provide. It will complete you, build you, and connect you.

Here are just a few things you will discover in the Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Construction of Existence, Manifestation:

  • The forgotten ingredients to manifestation… and how you can change your reality to manifest money, jobs, friendships, personality traits, experiences and more… Plus, get specific examples and walkthroughs.
  • Get the tools to protect your energy from the outside forces that have derailed your manifestations in the past.
  • The dangers of expectation… How to let go of expectation and receive everything you’ve ever wanted and more…
  • How to open a clear line of communication with the Universe – Cut through the static of all the other prayers and manifestations happening around the world so that you get what you want.
  • Beware of the potential backlash that comes with reprogramming reality… Learn to bend the rules so you can sidestep these landmines that can throw you off course.
  • Your thoughts are manifesting and constructing your reality all the time, but you’ll be shocked to discover how many of your thoughts are not your own… Expose the influences manipulating your thoughts and take control of your mind and your destiny.
  • Prana is the fuel source that allows you to manifest and reprogram reality… Learn a multi-dimensional meditation that allows you to harness massive amounts of this fuel while teaching you to more accurately communicate with the universe.
  • What if you could transcend time to offer your past self the wisdom and experience you have now?Learn how time works and how you can send these messages to your past and future self… And recognize and apply the messages you receive in the Now.
  • And much more…

The backbone of the Higher Balance teaching method is for our students, for you, to have real experiences. We are not here to simply give you theoretical knowledge of how the building blocks of reality work… We want you to take the information and see it for your self.

You really can have your cake and eat it too Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Construction of Existence holds the keys you seek to understand.


Is My Membership Monthly?

Although this is a monthly membership you may pause or cancel your membership at your discretion any time, and still have access to your account with all the material that’s been unlocked to you up to that point.

The program is really a combination of monthly and pay by the hour. You are automatically given 2 hours of new material every 30 days to start. You can unlock more time at your discretion.

We’ve kept this monthly fee low in order to give you the greatest amount of control over how much you want to engage in the training every month. This is where the Jail Break feature comes in.

What is the Jail Break feature?

Our proudest feature is the jail break button. Any time you want to unlock another hour of material, all you have to do is click on jail break, punch in the e-mail attached to your account and you’ll have instant access the next hour of teachings. Just check your members download page for instant access to download or stream. You can use this any time, day or night, as many times as you want within a given month. if you prefer to just stick with the 2 hours, you can do that also. Your account is entirely in your control.

Is this Course all about just one specific topic?

In truth, all of Eric’s teachings are but one single tapestry of knowledge. Every lesson coincides with the whole and each module benefits the development of every other skill or ability one may eventually work towards developing.

When Eric said long ago, “Stand in the rain, and you’re going to get wet,” he really meant it in more ways that one. We couldn’t stress this concept enough.

This knowledge is alive. As you listen to it, you begin to absorb a higher frequency of thought or understanding. This is why we say that there is a psychic undertone of communication going on beneath the surface of the words themselves. This is what some might refer to as dimensional data.

As you listen, you get layers of this undertone. It’s almost like unzipping a compressed file that is full of information, all within the span of a few words or less. This gives every module incredible depth and replay value. Your consciousness will shift, your psychic awareness and your sensitivity to energy will be enhanced. What you use that energy for is up to you. If you’re drawn to master something specific, you can trust this material will all feed into that specific something as it relates to your chosen path.

In the end, we are confident both your interests, and awareness of possibilities will expand dramatically.. We’re fairly certain that what you’re really looking for, will be discovered and understood at profound depth along that journey.

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