Could You Use a Boost Of Vitality?

Harness The Energy That Surrounds You To Feel More Alive, More Connected And Lighter Than Ever. Then, Use That Energy To Hone Your Psychic Mind And Explore The Untapped Power Of Your Higher Being.

Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Dynamism Focus - Energy Mastery

Have you ever felt trapped in your world? Tossed about by the ocean of subtle energies that surround us all? To the unaware, these energies dominate and influence all thoughts and decision making. It is as though you are simply acting out the part you were assigned to play. And in a way, that’s exactly what the program dictates you do.

Yet within, you feel a restlessness, a dissatisfaction with life… a desire that always calls you back to the embrace of something higher… It is the love of both a mother, father, and a lover all rolled into one and yet it is impossible to relate to in any human sense.

In no religious context, it is the word of which we dare not speak; it is God.

In these moments of peace you are struck with a glimpse of clarity. You see beyond the push and pull game we humans have a tendency to play. 

Presented within are the revelations by which your scope of sight begins to widen, and the structures of thinking that once controlled you transform into a tapestry that you can change and redesign by will. 

You can break free from the walls of illusion. All that you have dreamed of is truly possible and quite frankly, with these tools, it's feasible…

Follow your instincts, feel that compass that resides within your chest and know that the extremities of beauty that come with being in flow will be the guiding light that carries you home.

From energy healing at a cellular level to real telepathy and remote influencing… From encounters with dimensional beings to lucid dreaming and seeing auras…

The unimaginable is all too real once you begin to learn the ways of the Force and master the subtle energy that surrounds you.

With the right knowledge, the right teachers and the proper guidance you can do more than scratch the surface of what this universe holds for you. With the right approach, you can quickly tap into the source that will drive your explorations and calibrate your consciousness.

Intense states of bliss, wonder, streamline states of genius and tap the grid of collective knowledge.

Rather than jumping around chasing the next shiny promise, try something real.

With the Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Dynamism Focus, The Art of Energy Mastery, you will not only get the raw truth — without the fluff or abstract information that you can’t even use in your life — you will also have real experiences… from your very first class.

The entire Collegiate Program has been developed to push the limits of your consciousness using an approach that activates your sixth sense. While many seekers eventually resort to hallucinogens to attain metaphysical experiences, our approach teaches you, in record-breaking time, to attain these experiences on your own — naturally and without the crutch of outside substances. It may sound bold to say this, but the rabbit hole truly goes deeper than the limits of where such substances can take you.

From gathering prana to fuel your Being to learning to see the energy that codes reality and approaching the planes of light, Dynamism Focus presents a multi-layered approach that takes you from where you are now to becoming adept in the ways of a waking Super Being.

Here are just a few things you will experience in the course:

  • Absorb massive amounts of prana with a simple technique and ritual — this one method will dramatically increase not only your personal energy levels, but also your ability to influence and work with the energy around you
  • Recognize the energy patterns around you and trace energy back to its source — with this knowledge you can easily deflect and transform negative energy seeping into your life
  • Explore the applications of energy including telepathy, psychometry, energy healing, lucid dreaming, accessing the Akashic records, psychic abilities and more… (choose one skill to master or, with a bit more practice, master them all!)
  • Understand the truth behind the saying “Reality is an illusion,” and with your mastery of energy, see beyond the illusion
  • Re-write the energetic programming around you to change your circumstances and future
  • And this is only the beginning…

The knowledge and experiences build throughout the course making the path to mastery as short as possible, while ensuring you gain a complete understanding of the subtle energies around and within you.

Seem like an overwhelming amount of information?

It is a lot… But we have designed the course to be simple. The next course on your path unlocks for you as you progress through the program, so you never have to wonder what’s coming up. The abilities that once took years, or even lifetimes, to develop, you can access in only weeks to months with this condensed training regiment.



Is this a monthly membership?

Although this is a monthly membership you may pause or cancel your membership at your discretion any time, and still have access to your account with all the material that’s been unlocked to you up to that point.

The program is really a combination of monthly and pay by the hour. You are automatically given 2 hours of new material every 30 days to start. You can unlock more time at your discretion.

We’ve kept this monthly fee low in order to give you the greatest amount of control over how much you want to engage in the training every month. This is where the Jail Break feature comes in.

What is the jail Break Feature?

Our proudest feature is the jail break button. Any time you want to unlock another hour of material, all you have to do is click on jail break, punch in the e-mail attached to your account and you’ll have instant access the next hour of teachings.

Just check your members download page for instant access to download or stream. You can use this any time, day or night, as many times as you want within a given month. if you prefer to just stick with the 2 hours, you can do that also. Your account is entirely in your control.

Does this program cover a range of things or is it all just one specific topic?

In truth, all of Eric’s teachings are but one single tapestry of knowledge. Every lesson coincides with the whole and each module benefits the development of every other skill or ability one may eventually work towards developing.

When Eric said long ago, “Stand in the rain, and you’re going to get wet,” he really meant it in more ways that one. We couldn’t stress this concept enough.

This knowledge is alive. As you listen to it, you begin to absorb a higher frequency of thought or understanding. This is why we say that there is a psychic undertone of communication going on beneath the surface of the words themselves. This is what some might refer to as dimensional data.

As you listen, you get layers of this undertone. It’s almost like unzipping a compressed file that is full of information, all within the span of a few words or less. This gives every module incredible depth and replay value. Your consciousness will shift, your psychic awareness and your sensitivity to energy will be enhanced. What you use that energy for is up to you. If you’re drawn to master something specific, you can trust this material will all feed into that specific something as it relates to your chosen path.

In the end, we are confident both your interests, and awareness of possibilities will expand dramatically.. We’re fairly certain that what you’re really looking for, will be discovered and understood at profound depth along that journey.

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