Tap into the Power of Dreams to Connect with Your Higher Self and the Universe

Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Envisaging - Dream Mastery

Imagine this…

What if you discovered that right now, you are in fact living multiple lives as real, or even more real, than your so-called “current” existence. Suppose you were to find out that your consciousness was peppered throughout the cosmos, like the dust of a super nova. What if it was through the dreamworld that you were able to find the thread that links each of these lives together?

At what point would the realization fully sink in that none of them were any more real than any other? Not even this one?

The question you might then ask is…

If you fully awaken in one life, do you awaken in them all?

There are many ideas of what a dream is… Freud believed them to be a window to the unconscious. Others believe it is nothing more than the brain trying to make sense of the world.

There is a truth to both of these answers, but you know, as do I, there is also something much more profound hiding in the shadows of these explanations… You have felt it in your waking hours. Fragments of memories that always seems to slip through your grasp…

The truth is that the oddities that lie within the dreamworld are beyond what the human brain can conceive. When you are pulled from the dream, these details will rapidly evaporate, leaving you in a fog of wonder… Only minutes pass before the feeling that something had just occurred is wiped from your mind completely.

But if you could enter this world with a different approach, our approach, watch what happens when you rapidly accumulate the conscious energy needed to retain information and explore deeper levels.

Watch what happens when levels you may have never imagined possible, start to open up and reveal themselves.

It can get “as real as your waking state.”

Dimensional Dreams:

Dimensional dreams are dreams with a purposeful directive to communicate information from your higher consciousness, or Navigator, to your lower, organic self identity. Think of it like a training arena, a dojo of the mind. What you practice during your waking hours will determine both the frequency of occurrence and intensity of such dreams.

Envisaging was created for this purpose. Not to talk about it, not to imagine it – but to actually experience this kind of awakening yourself.

Unlock the mysteries of the dreamworld with the Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Envisaging, Dream Mastery.

In this program you will:

  • Uncover the method to not only become lucid in your dreams, but also download information from the Gaia Mind while you dream
  • See behind the illusion of reality and discover the real link between dreams and the real world
  • Expand your consciousness so that you are able to not only go deeper into dreamworlds, but also hold onto the knowledge and experiences you have when you are there so that it doesn’t fade away
  • Learn several meditations and techniques to gather a reservoir of prana — this is the fuel you use to navigate the dreamworld and the more you have, the more you can explore
  • Complete several Dreamscapes to explore the deepest part of your mind and uncover hidden memories
  • Apply your dream skills to waking life to explore dimensions and interact with other consciousnesses

If you are ready to stop relying on dream dictionaries and barely scratching the surface of what is possible with lucid dreaming, then fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life… It’s time to crack the limits of your brain, and journey into the realms of the mind.

The Envisaging, Dream Mastery series is the most comprehensive and advanced training program available. But don’t worry. Learning this material and mastering these abilities won’t take years.

You see, at Higher Balance, we have developed a method and sequence of training that allows you to get to your goals faster than ever. Each course takes a multi-dimensional path, so that you are growing and developing your skills on multiple levels — without any extra effort. And the courses unlock in order so you never have to worry about what steps you need to take next.

The result is that what once took years to master –
can now be accomplished in only months.

Please don’t misunderstand me. This is not a magic pill. And there is no “done for you” when it comes to your spiritual development.

You will have to listen to the classes. You will have to practice the techniques. You will have to attain certain experiences on your path. But if you can agree to put in the effort – I can promise you this is the fastest path to success. And you will barrel past everyone else out there.

Even if you have never had success before, with the tools and individualized guidance from our highly trained coaches, we will help you remove the roadblocks standing in your way. Let our pros show you why we’re the best in the world at what we do.


Is this a monthly membership?

Although this is a monthly membership you may pause or cancel your membership at your discretion any time, and still have access to your account with all the material that’s been unlocked to you up to that point.

The program is really a combination of monthly and pay by the hour. You are automatically given 2 hours of new material every 30 days to start. You can unlock more time at your discretion.

We’ve kept this monthly fee low in order to give you the greatest amount of control over how much you want to engage in the training every month. This is where the Jail Break feature comes in.

What is the Jail Break feature?

Our proudest feature is the jail break button. Any time you want to unlock another hour of material, all you have to do is click on jail break, punch in the e-mail attached to your account and you’ll have instant access the next hour of teachings.

Just check your members download page for instant access to download or stream. You can use this any time, day or night, as many times as you want within a given month. if you prefer to just stick with the 2 hours, you can do that also. Your account is entirely in your control.

Does this program cover a range of things or just this one specific topic?

In truth, all of Eric’s teachings are but one single tapestry of knowledge. Every lesson coincides with the whole and each module benefits the development of every other skill or ability one may eventually work towards developing.

When Eric said long ago, “Stand in the rain, and you’re going to get wet,” he really meant it in more ways that one. We couldn’t stress this concept enough.

This knowledge is alive. As you listen to it, you begin to absorb a higher frequency of thought or understanding. This is why we say that there is a psychic undertone of communication going on beneath the surface of the words themselves. This is what some might refer to as dimensional data.

As you listen, you get layers of this undertone. It’s almost like unzipping a compressed file that is full of information, all within the span of a few words or less. This gives every module incredible depth and replay value. Your consciousness will shift, your psychic awareness and your sensitivity to energy will be enhanced. What you use that energy for is up to you. If you’re drawn to master something specific, you can trust this material will all feed into that specific something as it relates to your chosen path.

In the end, we are confident both your interests, and awareness of possibilities will expand dramatically.. We’re fairly certain that what you’re really looking for, will be discovered and understood at profound depth along that journey.

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