The Knowledge of Lifetimes: From Past Lives to Future Ones, Obtain the Knowledge to Navigate Your Soul's Journey...

Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Epoch Rebirth - Reincarnation

Why do memories of past lives nag at your consciousness, only to slip away when you reach for them? What if you were able to remember these lives and the knowledge you attained in them?

You, your soul, made the choice to come here to exist in this dimension. But when you entered the world, your memories were hidden from your consciousness. But these ancient memories are very much alive, tucked away in a safe place within your consciousness,  waiting for you to find them once again……

"There is an ancient and wise being inside of you. That ancient and wise being can surface and become who you are, because it is who you are." –Eric Pepin

Are you ready to pull aside the veil that has been blocking you and explore new frontiers of your mind?

Let the Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Epoch Rebirth, Reincarnation give you the skills you need to take a journey from ancient identities to future memories; from foreign lands to alien dimensions. It is time for you to become a Navigator and explore the memories of your soul throughout time and space.

We have forgotten the totality of what we are. We believe we are only our immediate personality, living this one life in this one body, at this one time. That is what it means to be asleep. We have forgotten all that we are. –Eric Pepin

When you awaken these memories, you obtain the the wisdom of lifetimes and achieve access to higher consciousness. Don’t confuse this with your typical past-life regression or hypnosis… Epoch Rebirth goes far beyond that…

When you enter the Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Epoch Rebirth, Reincarnation, you will discover:

  • Recover forgotten memories, knowledge and wisdom using guided techniques, face morphing and more… Or use these methods to tap into the past lives of others.
  • Activate your magnetic sixth sense – This sensory is the critical ingredient to exploring reincarnation. You cannot explore time and space using your physical five senses.
  • Reincarnation and Karma are two of the most misunderstood concepts in spiritual circles… Uncover the truth behind the fables and use this knowledge to unlock memories buried deep in your consciousness.
  • Your true self, your soul, is not your physical body. You are an energy being. Learn to recognize and communicate with different types of energy beings… And use these encounters to move past your fear of death.
  • Experience a Future memory in a guided Dreamscape… A unique adventure of the mind that is part hypnotherapy, part visualization combined with sounds all innovatively created to create a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • The more you advance your consciousness in this lifetime, the greater control you have when choosing your next life… Learn the meditation technique that quickly develops your energy body and increases your frequency.
  • Obtain unconditional forgiveness so that you can leave behind the baggage of this lifetime – and past ones – as your soul progresses.
  • Dig into the origins of human intelligence, angels, demons and more to decode the truth and attain higher levels of enlightenment.
  • Explore near-death experiences and discover the secrets of reality after this physical life and understand the details of how a soul incarnates into a new body.
  • And much more…

Real experience is the backbone of the Collegiate Program… We aren’t looking for armchair philosophers who want to debate the details of reincarnation… We want people like you, people who want to experience actual memories and communications with past lives and more.


Is this a monthly membership?

Although this is a monthly membership you may pause or cancel your membership at your discretion any time, and still have access to your account with all the material that’s been unlocked to you up to that point.

The program is really a combination of monthly and pay by the hour. You are automatically given 2 hours of new material every 30 days to start. You can unlock more time at your discretion.

We’ve kept this monthly fee low in order to give you the greatest amount of control over how much you want to engage in the training every month. This is where the Jail Break feature comes in.

What is the Jail Break Feature?

Our proudest feature is the jail break button. Any time you want to unlock another hour of material, all you have to do is click on jail break, punch in the e-mail attached to your account and you’ll have instant access the next hour of teachings.

Just check your members download page for instant access to download or stream. You can use this any time, day or night, as many times as you want within a given month. if you prefer to just stick with the 2 hours, you can do that also. Your account is entirely in your control.

Does this program cover more than just reincarnation?

In truth, all of Eric’s teachings are but one single tapestry of knowledge. Every lesson coincides with the whole and each module benefits the development of every other skill or ability one may eventually work towards developing.

When Eric said long ago, “Stand in the rain, and you’re going to get wet,” he really meant it in more ways that one. We couldn’t stress this concept enough.

This knowledge is alive. As you listen to it, you begin to absorb a higher frequency of thought or understanding. This is why we say that there is a psychic undertone of communication going on beneath the surface of the words themselves. This is what some might refer to as dimensional data.

As you listen, you get layers of this undertone. It’s almost like unzipping a compressed file that is full of information, all within the span of a few words or less. This gives every module incredible depth and replay value. Your consciousness will shift, your psychic awareness and your sensitivity to energy will be enhanced. What you use that energy for is up to you. If you’re drawn to master something specific, you can trust this material will all feed into that specific something as it relates to your chosen path.

In the end, we are confident both your interests, and awareness of possibilities will expand dramatically.. We’re fairly certain that what you’re really looking for, will be discovered and understood at profound depth along that journey.

"Instead of dying and remembering who are what you really are, do it while you are living, breathing and aware. Bring all those consciousness’s together in this physical moment, and then use that supreme intelligence to do something here and now." – Eric Pepin

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