Harmonize With The Ever-Present Conscious Field Of The Universe... Become The Primer That Ripples The Global Consciousness.

Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Solitary Etherealness - Becoming One With The Universe

You have experienced those moments of harmony, when you felt the current of energy from the Universe flowing through you… When you don’t just know that All Is One, you feel the connection…

And yet, despite glimpses of this harmony, it quickly fades away in the static of everyday life. The daily grind of work and bills, gossiping co-workers and meddling family members pull you away leaving you feeling disconnected and adrift.

But the truth is, the Universe is always there. It is always calling out to you. You simply haven’t uncovered the tools you need to maintain the connection. That is why we created the Higher Balance Collegiate Program: Solitary Etherealness, Becoming One With The Universe.

"When you look at God, you see a reflection of yourself, and understand that this is what I am a part of." –Eric Pepin

It is a commonly held belief in spiritual circles that it takes years of study, meditation and isolation to forge any kind of lasting link to the Universe… To find Enlightenment. But that simply is no longer true.

When you enter the Collegiate Program, you will quickly develop the skills and sensory you need to harmonize with the Universal consciousness… When you achieve that connection, reality will bend to your will.

Here are just a few things you’ll discover in Solitary Etherealness, Becoming One With The Universe:

  • Activate your magnetic sixth sense… This is the sensory that creates a bridge to higher consciousness and allows you to communicate directly with the Universe.
  • Recognize the cycles and obstacles that affect your spirituality… With this knowledge you can expertly adjust your practices to maintain your connection to the Universe – No matter what!
  • The tools you need to achieve unconditional forgiveness… As you let go of these ties, you easily ascend to higher and higher frequencies. Gracefully letting go of the weight that drags you down & grounds your consciousness; you’ll feel lighter, more peaceful and better prepared to enter into the sea of infinite expansiveness
  • Understand the constructs of reality that chain your energy in place and learn to move beyond these constraints.
  • Rewrite past memories and heal psychic attachments that may be hindering your advancement.
  • To truly become one with the Universe, you must learn to think differently… Gain insight into the intelligent consciousness of the Universe by exploring the micro-verse within your own body.
  • Explore the inner-workings of dreams to achieve dimensional communication within the dream state.
  • The reality “bubble” that crystallizes your consciousness and shapes how you see the world… and how you can step outside of the bubble and use these reality “bubble” as a tool to enhance your awareness.
  • Deconstruct the matrix of reality so that you can remove yourself from it… And in doing so, reach the Source.

And that is only the beginning…

With more than a decade of experience developing and refining the most comprehensive and advanced spiritual growth system in the world, we have developed this easy, at-home training program with you in mind. You will cultivate an unshakable connection with the divine, uncover the most effective metaphysical techniques, expand your consciousness and ignite your sixth sense.


Is this a monthly membership?

Although this is a monthly membership you may pause or cancel your membership at your discretion any time, and still have access to your account with all the material that’s been unlocked to you up to that point.

The program is really a combination of monthly and pay by the hour. You are automatically given 2 hours of new material every 30 days to start. You can unlock more time at your discretion.

We’ve kept this monthly fee low in order to give you the greatest amount of control over how much you want to engage in the training every month. This is where the Jail Break feature comes in.

What is the Jail Break Feature?

Our proudest feature is the jail break button. Any time you want to unlock another hour of material, all you have to do is click on jail break, punch in the e-mail attached to your account and you’ll have instant access the next hour of teachings.

Just check your members download page for instant access to download or stream. You can use this any time, day or night, as many times as you want within a given month. if you prefer to just stick with the 2 hours, you can do that also. Your account is entirely in your control.

Does this program cover a range of things or is it all one specific topic?

In truth, all of Eric’s teachings are but one single tapestry of knowledge. Every lesson coincides with the whole and each module benefits the development of every other skill or ability one may eventually work towards developing.

When Eric said long ago, “Stand in the rain, and you’re going to get wet,” he really meant it in more ways that one. We couldn’t stress this concept enough.

This knowledge is alive. As you listen to it, you begin to absorb a higher frequency of thought or understanding. This is why we say that there is a psychic undertone of communication going on beneath the surface of the words themselves. This is what some might refer to as dimensional data.

As you listen, you get layers of this undertone. It’s almost like unzipping a compressed file that is full of information, all within the span of a few words or less. This gives every module incredible depth and replay value. Your consciousness will shift, your psychic awareness and your sensitivity to energy will be enhanced. What you use that energy for is up to you. If you’re drawn to master something specific, you can trust this material will all feed into that specific something as it relates to your chosen path.

In the end, we are confident both your interests, and awareness of possibilities will expand dramatically.. We’re fairly certain that what you’re really looking for, will be discovered and understood at profound depth along that journey.

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